August 31, 2010

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

A ‘Fresh Ziggy’ Introduction to this week’s offers!!

With apologies to all the rabid
Andy Williams fans out there, I am in fact NOT referring to the Christmas holidays. Oh no, instead this is a date that I look forward to MUCH MORE than receiving a few pairs of new socks and a bad tie or two. Many of you know my pain; many of you still blindly continue the activities that will only continue to exacerbate this situation.

No, I am instead preparing the champagne and a resounding chorus of halleluiahs because, yes fans, this Thursday is the first day back to school for the wee ones!! Oh goodness, can there be any more wonderful day for a parent than finally greeting the end of summer and it’s endless worries of destruction of every possession, bone or square inch of skin they have when playing outside (weather permitting) or even the destruction of every possession, bone or square inch of skin they OR I HAVE when playing inside (weather permitting… and I mean, as the summer progresses it has to be BAD outside to not allow their exit!!).

Still, you gotta love ‘em, don’t you? At least that is what this court-order and that lady that visits from Social Services keep telling me.


All kidding aside (really, I was… mostly), it is in fact a pleasure to introduce this week someone that is indeed quite skilled at entertaining and bringing enjoyment to kids of all ages. We at ZN HQ are very pleased to introduce to you:

It's Time to Get Things Started
An interview with Illustrator Amy ‘Mimi’ Mebberson
or copy-taste this bit into your browser:

I think you are all going to really enjoy Amy’s illustrations, cartoons and her valuable insight into the worlds she explores on a daily basis. And I apologize in advance if my introduction seems like an over-the-top praise-a-thon for the late, great Jim Henson, but after all, who deserves it more?

No kidding, Amy’s stuff is top-notch, but don’t just take my word for it!!


So moving on to this week’s ‘Shout Out’s’:


Our first shout out goes to Kevin ‘Loki’ Lo, an all-round neato, socially minded guy and proud possessor of his first rad tat (I have no idea what that means, but my kids tell me it’s cool). Not only is Kevin setting out on an exciting new stage in his professional career – moving on next week and leaving behind his ‘day job’ to focus on teaching and his own projects – but he’s continuing to do terrific work with his ‘zine’, ‘Four Minutes to Midnight’.

In fact, if you’re in the Montreal area in the next days, then check out: ‘
Uncle Bad Touch, Desert Owls & Griefer: 2356 Benefit Show!’ Kevin and co. report that they’re very excited (quote: ‘freaked actually!’) to present Uncle Bad Touch‘s first Montreal show, with guests Desert Owls and Griefer, this Friday night (Sept. 3) at La Sala Rossa. The show is a fundraiser to help the gang put out their next issue which is very nearing completion (also very exciting after a year and a half of hard work!).

For more information, you can also check out the
Facebook event page here. Enjoy, eh? Yes, yes, that same tired old Canadian joke, so sue me…

To read more about Kevin, please take a peek at
his interview here!


The second in our usual trio of shouting out and about’s actually comes by way of the folks that bring you
Original Sin Cider. If this name rings a bell, then it’s probably that you remember these fine folks as being one of the main outlets for none other than R.Black, illustrator extraordinaire, that has created a plethora (count them!!) of awesome posters for OSC!

And in the grand spirit of fair play and bringing together beautiful people’s everywhere, Original Sin Cider and R.Black in conjunction with Small Bar - Chicago will be holding a contest for the next Original Sin Pin-Up poster model at the Small Bar Fullerton Ave, on September 21st. R.Black will be coming in all the way from Oakland, CA, to help judge along with Heather Stumpf of
Vavoom Pin-ups and others (we’d list them but we kept passing out after looking a bit deeper into the artistic excellence of the Vavoom offers!!).

Remember: Chicago is a great place to enjoy Sin!! Or so we’ve heard.

To learn more about R.Black, his work for OSC and more, check out his
recent interview here!!


Finally, we’d like to thank everyone again for all their nice inputs about
Vince Chui’s work!! Inputs rolled in from fans of about every genre, including even one person who took some exception at my less-than-glowing inputs about ‘Land of the Lost’ and ‘The Love Guru’!! But overall it was very positive so thanks for that!!

As a reminder, keep checking back regularly under the
Sketch Motel link or Vince’s own blog for on-going new pieces!! And if you feel like someone might be covertly sketching you the next time you’re in a Starbucks enjoying your double latte’ crappucino (sp?) plus colon-blowing bran muffin and you feel like someone is watching you, even sketching you, well it could be none other than our talented friend himself (see new sketch here)!!

So please read his very interesting input as
found right here, still to-date one of our favorite blog titles ever!!



Now many of you in the know (or stuck perhaps in the mud, who knows) might think this story more apt for what has become one of my all-time favorite and ‘must visit’ sites for each and every day, namely ‘
Ultra-Gross’. And without getting into too much detail it is indeed very funny and indeed very aptly named (and I should also note with good faith they are the victims, I mean, the providers of the neat school sign I included above).

No, we found this instead on one of those sites that includes, well, ‘stuff’. And sometimes with ‘stuff’, you feel a need to learn more. And then your regret the heck out of doing that.

But no, bravely, I strode ahead as much as one can stride on GOOGLE and learned more about one
James Gilpin and his Gilpin Family Whisk(e)y (alternate spellings provided for those that get weirded out by how we Americans totally scru up da Engliss langooage, especially the Scots – who I have nothing but the highest regard for, especially as then tend to be mean little buggers with short tempers and long memories).

It seems James is a designer and researcher with a specific interest in the future of health care and the implementation of new biomedical technologies. He utilizes both products and services as mechanisms to discuss issues of socioeconomic and cultural importance. Through this process of emersion and debate he aims to evoke considered implementation of technology in tomorrow's techno-social society. Interestingly, and not at all perhaps surprising after that glorious introduction, James is currently completing his masters at the RCA in Design Interactions.

James goes on to introduce the
Gilpin Family Whisky with this mouth- watering introduction:
Large amounts of sugar are excreted on a daily basis by type-two diabetic patients especially amongst the upper end of our aging population. As a result of this, diabetic patients’ toilets often have unusual scale build up in the basin due and rapid mould growths as the sugar put into the system acts as nutrients for mould and bacteria growth. Is it plausible to suggest that we start utilizing our water purification systems in order to harvest the biological resources that our elderly already process in abundance?

In other words, if you're a connoisseur of fine whisky, here's a DESIGNER suggesting an exciting new brand to be made from the urine of elderly diabetic patients, including even his own grandmother.

Apparently, James - who is himself diabetic - filters the urine using the same processes used to purify water, removing the sugars in the process, which are then used in the fermentation stages of making his whisky. Now according to various reports found on the topic, James is NOT planning to market the pee whisky commercially - instead, it's more of an art project. But if you really fancy sampling some of the stuff, Gilpin will be showing it off at the 100% Materials design event in London in September - complete with tasting opportunities.

WOW ANYONE WANT TO SHARE A ROOM? I’m booking my tickets now!!

Be good and keep smiling, it’ll make everyone think you’ve been up to no good!!

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