August 15, 2010

Hi Kids, Welcome to General Hospitalization!

A 'Fresh Ziggy' Introduction to this week's offers!

Actually, no, hospitals are one subject that I do NOT want to talk about. Not at all, full stop, end of sentence, waiter can I please have the check!!

I don’t know about you folks, but I am sick of being sick, having friends who are sick and just in general am getting really testy about this whole having to be ‘mortal’ thing! I mean, what’s up with that and who signed off on it anyway?

But I tell you, I’m starting to suspect that whole ‘eat well, get plenty of exercise and rest’ advice... it just seems the more I follow ‘doctor’s orders’, the worse I feel!!!
Bah, I think I’ll just hang out on Facebook 24/7 and be done with it!!


So instead of talking about that – which I wasn’t – what I’d really rather talk about is this week’s guest of honor! I am very pleased to bring you the following interesting interview presented as:

Hey You There! Donkey Wonky Do!
An Interview with Illustrator and Graphic Designer Vince Chui

Now concerning the title, well, you’re just going to have to read the article to get in on that little inside joke. And besides, you’ll want to enjoy Vince’s input about his young but already successful work in the illustration and graphic arts business, which also includes work in the movie and video game industries! We really hope you enjoy all he has to say and offer!!


And as usual, we now move on to this week’s ‘Shout Out’s’:


Our first ‘Shout Out’ isn’t in fact so much of a shout out as a ‘oh man, I so wish I could have been there!’ A longer title, yes, but much more accurate in this case!!

It’s just our way of giving a big nod to a previous interviewee here at ZN, namely the very talented and timeless Robert T. Cole. You see, Robert is not only a master sculptor, but also performs with his poetic and beautiful wife Susan and their pal Scott Burgess in the band ‘Blue Judy’, where the recently appeared at the ‘Capital Fringe Festival’ in Washington D.C. All I know is, if you’re ever in DC and get tired of all those boring ‘monuments’ (yaaawwwnnn), then for sure stop by and check out the Cole’s and their magical studio or collected works!

To read more about Robert, see
his interview here.


The second of this week’s trio of ‘Shout Out’s’ goes to the talented and very busy Shaenon K. Garrity.

Shaenon recently kindly let us know that in honor of the 60th anniversary of the absolutely timeless and always relevant Peanuts comic strip, that the Schulz Museum is hosting a big sketch-a-thon featuring its past artists in residence, including Lark Pien, Debbie Huey, Paul Madonna, Alexis Fajardo, Brian Fies, Mick Gray, Brian Kolm, Michael Capozzola ... and Shaenon, too!

Cartoonists will speak with visitors, share their work, and draw something for the Schulz Museum’s collection celebrating the 60th anniversary of Peanuts. For more information, do not hesitate to visit Shaenon at one of her various sites or the Schulz Museum itself at .

To read the previous interview with Shaenon – who is for those that don’t know a master of both manga and also on-line comic creation – please see
this link.


And finally, we here at HQ would just like to ‘Shout Out’ a HUGE thank you to all who sent in their kind comments about our last interview, namely with the one and only Julius ‘Bulius’ Santiago. So many of you were kind enough to mention his work and how much fun it is to also follow his ‘King Panpan ‘365 Bears’’ project!! He really is a fun artist!

But what’s that? You haven’t signed up yet or even sent in your favorite suggestions for a future bear? Then you’ve been missing a daily dose of hilarious teddyish conversions of some of your favorite people or even fantasy creatures. Not only that, but Julius has also been offering his faithful public download-able wallpapers and more! And if that weren’t enough, if you aren’t a daily follower then you missed none other than Spiderbear, Mebearsa with her (his?) scary snake hair and even this masterpiece namely:

Bear on a Unicorn on a Shark Rainbow in front of a Regular Rainbow!!

Need we say more? Folks, this just might be THE artistic event of the new millenium. Because we sure as heck aren't voting for Lady Gaga ...

So follow Julius and if you missed it, be sure and check out
his interview here. Aloha!!



And now for a heroic close-out, we’re going to put a new section in, namely our Favorite Design Photo of the Week. So here it is:

Aren’t they just so ... oh, I don’t know ... just so worthy of having a huge government grant given to the designer to develop them further? They’re just so simple and yet so stylish!

In addition, you can’t argue with their eco-friendliness or recyclability, roominess and suitability in all kinds of weather!! And I’d be willing to bet that (a) one size fits all and that (b) they’re a lot less damaging to your feet than some of those monstrous creations we see on the fashion walkways!!

OK they’re maybe not Birkenstocks (and I doubt the Adidas logo is authentic as well), but who the hell wear’s those anyway?

Oh you do? Sorry... just please promise me not with white socks, okay? I mean... that image just makes me feel sick to my stomach ... oh damn, I did it again ...

Be good and enjoy this week’s offer!! Ciao for now brown cows!!

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Francesca Prescott said...

I once had a pair of stilettos similar to the ones pictured towards the bottom of the page. Long time ago. I think I bought them in San Francisco. What was I thinking? My feet have never recovered!

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