September 17, 2010

Excuse Me While I Kiss This Fly!!

A ‘Fresh Ziggy’ Introduction to this week’s offers!!

No, I don’t understand the title either. It was from some comedian who was imitating Jimi Hendrix or maybe Jeff Goldblum imitating Jimi Hendrix, I’m not sure. Either way, it’s beyond my level of sobriety right now.

We have lot’s of shouting to do today (aaaah, let's put a marauding invader right here, it'll be our little secret, arraarragghh!!), so let’s get right to our screamations:


We’re very pleased to welcome a very talented and fun-loving amico from the land just a few hours south of HQ in other than

No Boring Thoughts To Be Found Here!
An interview with Designer Mauro Gatti

We’re very excited to bid a hearty welcome to this modern-day Italian ‘master’ (he won’t like that, but we did it anyway). But Mauro is indeed quite adept at many different aspects of graphic design and illustration, with his work being featured as MTV themed phone jackets, CD covers, posters galore and much more!! And darned if he hasn’t gone off and started a new venture in the collectible toy market as well!! Make sure and set your dials to ‘morbid is fun’ because these guys will make you laugh!

With a style that brings back some of your favourites including Edelmann and more, I think you’ll fall head over heels innamorato for Mauro’s stuff. So sit back and relax and have a blast!


So moving on to this week’s ‘Shout Out’s’:


Our first shout-out of the week goes to our good pal Hon Lam of ‘Flying Mouse 365’. Hon Lam had the unusual occurrence of seeing one of his design illustrations, namely his tee-shirt known as "Dragon Flavour", being worn by a character from the Japan popular manga, PEEPO CHOO!! As HL tells us, this manga is created by a super talented mangaka Felipe Smith from Argentina, the only foreign mangaka in Japan!! I mean, how cool is that? Having one of your designs featured as a design in an awesome manga 'zine?

And that’s not all. Hon Lam is also continually producing new designs on his world-famous ‘Flying Mouse 365’
site but is also found wherever there’s a design contest to be had. Check back again and again!

To read more about Hon Lam and his exciting world, please take a look at our recent interview which you
can find here.


Fittingly enough, since we’re on the topic of manga, it’s only appropriate that we mention our second shout-out for the week in the form of Shaenon K. Garrity.

Shaenon was recently featured in a really
good interview found here, which gives insight not only into her own efforts to make comics safe for all of us but also in terms of her collaborative workings. Good stuff!

And since we’re on the topic of good stuff (keep using that transition Zig, it’s working!), Shaenon also
participated a few days ago at a grand ‘Sketch-A-Thon’ at the Charles M. Schulz Museum to celebrate 60!!! years of the Peanuts cartoon. Awesomeness covered in awesome!

To read more about Shaenon from the days way back when she talked to ZN, please see
her interview here.


Finally, darned if we weren’t watching the Little League World Series a few weeks ago when we thought to ourselves: ‘Selves, I recognise those pants!’ Yes, a strange thought to have when you’re watching young kids play baseball but stick with me here (I assure you that the kiddies can continue to read along as well).

After much searching and ultimately finding some input via Facebook, our suspicions were indeed confirmed that the coaches of the Canadian team (yes, they play baseball in Canada and only half the kids were wearing ice skates!!) were wearing pants designed and created by our old pal Scott ‘Woody’ Woodworth and his now very famous ‘Loudmouth Golf’ apparel brand.

You may even remember this same design making an icy splash (huh?) at the recent Winter Olympics when the Norwegian Men’s Curling Team (which I was surprised to find out has nothing to do with styling hair) won the Silver Medal!! Sadly, though, the
Canadian baseball coaches were ‘encouraged’ to remove said pants (whoa, calm down! They put some other pants on!!) but not before they were heartily welcomed by the local crowd!

For more about Scott’s start in design and what led him ultimately to become a Golf Fashionista, read his
interview with ZN here.


But wait, can it be? Yes friends, it’s a FOURTH BONUS SHOUT-OUT this week!!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t confirm as stated in our earlier interview with Vince Chui that the book ‘Sir Seth Thistlewaite and the Soothsayer’s Shoes’ is now out in stores and on-line just waiting for purchase!!

For this exciting announcement, Vince was also kind enough to throw in some pre-production art (not published in the book) on his blog, which you can
check out here.

And if that weren’t enough (you knew it wasn’t), then check out our really cool
conversation found here. Enjoy!



Well, let’s just say that title is going to be loosely applied this week.

Ziggy Nixon just wanted to point out to his gazillion of fans that he has a ‘new’ blog out where he’s releasing some of his own ‘art’. Again, another loosely thrown about phrase there. But hey, it is keeping us off the streets, so it’s not all bad!

Please check out ‘
Little Ziggy’, which is based on a concept that first appeared many moons ago here at ZN HQ Prime. We’re also on Facebook so be sure and get some serious socialising goin’ on!!

And we'd be very remiss if we didn't point out again that this sort of 'semi-daily' approach was inspired by the on-going efforts of Chow Hon Lam mentioned earlier, as well as the bear-tastic work of Julius ‘Bulius’ Santiago, who still cracks us up each and every day!!

Be good!!

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