March 31, 2011

The Heart of a Child's Tale

An Interview with Artist shichigoro-shingo

Part 2 of 2 (link to Part 1)
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For much of the Western world, Japan is seen as a source of manga or kawaii art or even video games. Do these styles interest you?
Yes, these styles do interest me. As I mention previously, these are among my important influences!

I think they are made by people showing some very advanced artistic and design skills.

How much exposure have you received for your work outside of Japan?

Well, I am using deviantART, so that is very useful for getting lots of exposure on a global level.

In addition, some of my work has been introduced to the public via different websites or even webzines. You can find more links in my
on-line press section.

Do you wish to promote more in other countries?
Yes, I would like that very much! Again, I am very glad that you have contacted me!

Have you worked or studied in other countries?

No, I haven't.

All my work – including exhibitions that I have attended – and studies were here in Japan. I am glad though to get some exposure through webzines or other websites.
: see end of article for various links)

When I look at your work, your pictures seem to be images from fantastic dreams and realities different to our own, but are still stories for children! I am curious where your ideas come from?

I very much like my machines and monsters. However, it is also very important to me that that they have pure hearts. I hope that this purity and happiness is apparent in my pictures.

But you are right: for me, I am trying to capture something like the heart of a children’s book.

Where would you like to see yourself and your art in the future?

Well, again, I would enjoy more exposure! So, I do not mind the place, it could be anywhere!

As an artist, I do want many people to be able to see my artworks and to be able to enjoy them. This keeps me producing my work and makes me want to continue to work on art in the future.


shichigoro-shingo is a 30-ish (we think) year-old artist living and working in Yokohama, Japan. He studied oil painting at Tama Arts University in Tokyo. Later, he applied his knowledge of the arts and began working with Photoshop. In addition to his private artwork, he has experience as a digital artist for a local games company.

shichigoro-shingo’s work has found many exciting outlets. For example, the show ‘Femme 2011’ presented by
Gallery Art Point in Tokyo, featuring works by 50 CG Illustrators and their illustrations of the female form is just closing as this article is being released. The ‘Love Japan’ show in collaboration with Amuse Museum as presented by NODE net as well the Recto Verso Gallery show have also at least in part featured the artist’s works.

We list more links for your convenience below. Please visit his home website for more information and many more fantastic images in his different galleries!

Home website
DeviantART gallery

Additional references, articles, and galleries: Gallery
(Japanese and English)

Illustration Toolbox

Escape Into Life

Vains Faktory (French)

WalkingBlind Art and Literature Magazine (incl. cover and feature article)


All pictures, videos and other media are used with written permission of Shingo Matsunuma, also referred to as shichigoro and/or shichigoro-shingo, including all current or previous business affiliations related to same, or are available in the public domain (noting copyright and other restrictions, accordingly). No further reproduction or duplication is permitted without contacting the artist directly.

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Erika D said...

That's a sweet interview!!!
I really admire the work of this artist,his techique,colors,characters are very interesting.Thank you Ziggy ;)

Ziggy Nixon said...

Thanks Erika! I totally agree! Can't wait to see more of YOUR talented work coming out, too!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Its 6 40 in the morning, but I finally found a spear moment to read this!!! So glad I did, wonderful blog and a very tallented artist, love love love the amazing artworks!!!!!