January 15, 2011

And He's Got Lots of Friends!

An Interview with Video Creator and Entrepreneur David Edwards

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David, your focus on toy production also sounds very exciting! How are you approaching the move from 2-D to 3-D realisation? Will this be focused on ‘Candy’ or do you have in mind to introduce previously unseen characters as well?
With the toys, I think its best to start with Candy and see what happens from there. We did do a Megasaur 64 render last year and we had lots of emails asking to buy it!

The renders of both M64 and Candy (both shown here) look so real! It’s really awesome work!

What target audience are you going for with the toys? For example, are you aiming for more eclectic collectibles (high quality, low volume) or should we expect to see your products soon in a Happy Meal near us?
I like to check out the
Kidrobot stuff in London when I get the chance. My target then is to follow them in terms of low volume (Max 1,000), perhaps also producing a smaller version of the same toy at a higher production level.

Getting back to your current bread and butter: Can you tell us please a little bit about how Candy and his (her?) friends came to be?
Growing up, my next door neighbour had 2 dogs named "Griff" and "Candy". So that's where the names are from.

I sketched the original drawings and then emailed an ink version to Luke Hyde. Luke is very creative and he designed Megasaur 64 which looks class! We started with Candy, Neon Boy and Griff and built it up from there.

How long does each Candy episode take to create?
From the first steps in the sketchbook to the actual upload itself, I’d say it takes around 6 months total.

You’ve also mentioned with deserved pride that the number of hits on YouTube as well as the number of subscribers you have continues to rise impressively. What do these factors mean to either you as a ‘design person’ or to your group from a business perspective? Is that even a measure-able factor at this stage in terms of either exposure or eventually business success?
With YouTube being the top site for videos, I think that we could see some great opportunities in the future. Already there are televisions being sold around the world with access to YouTube.

So looking ahead, this could significantly raise the profile for on-line animations and other video producers on the Internet.

I also very much enjoyed reading
‘12 Ways To Get 1,000 YouTube Subscribers & Make Your Videos Go Viral’ where you stated:

“YouTube” is a slow game, lots of channels are portrayed in the media as “overnight” success stories. If you can think of it as a 5 year journey and you enjoy the process of making and promoting videos then you will have a successful channel and the knock on effect is a successful web-site!”

How well do you think you’ve stuck to your own advice in this regard?
I still very much believe that f you produce a quality collection of videos over the space of 5 years, you should have no problem hitting a million views.

I recommend a book by
Gary Vaynerchuk called ‘Crush It!’ for more information! ;]

Looking ahead then even beyond your 2011 list:

Is ‘Candy’ going to be your ‘end-all’ production focus in terms of videos?
The end goal for Candy will be as the star of the Facebook Game mentioned. We are currently working on ideas with
Sean T. Cooper.

Check out his site, I highly recommend the zombie game, ‘

How long of a run do you think we’ll see of Candy then?
It's still the early days, both for the videos themselves and getting started on the video games for Facebook. We'll just have to wait and see...

What about your part in the Webfactore? Where is that side of the business taking you?
www.webfactore.co.uk is a well-established business that has been running for over 5 years.

My department is SEO (search engine optimisation) at the moment. So I'm learning new search engine tips and also working closely with a lot of exciting UK business owners. Its a good place to be!.

Long-range where would you like to see ‘A Sitting Duck’, ‘Candy’ and/or even just li’l old David Edwards?
My plan is to build "Candy Skool" (make sure you’re a subscriber to get the latest news!!) and make that a great resource for animators. I very much enjoy the building stage and seeing ideas work!


David Edwards is a large part of the push behind the ‘Candy the Magic Dinosaur’ video series which is busy going viral on YouTube as we speak! When he’s not busy sketching new ideas and making videos about Candy and his amazing powers or Megasaur 64 and his Terminator-like temper, he’s in charge of the SEO department at the Webfactore.

Again, be sure and sign up for the current newsletter and YouTube feeds, especially in order to be first in line for the pending Candy Skool activities! Link up today and let your silly side out to play!

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