August 30, 2009

Biography - Roseline de Thelin

This updated complete biography serves as accompaniment to the interview 'Lighting the Way Between the Visible and the Invisible' (full details provided by the artist):

Web-site :
Born 1964

- Creation of light piece for Hotel Astra Paris
- Creation of light pieces for private homes Spain, England
- Creation of collection of limited edition of Perspex light objects for
shop ‘The Rose Ibiza’, including lights and mobile sculptures.
- Creation of collection of jewellery (Copper-Natural stones)

- Exhibition “Time Smiles” in Atzaro Art Lounge
Light installation with light sculptures, photographic prints on
aluminium, including performance with dancers.
- Creation of Mirror lights for Club Aura – Ibiza
- Creation for foundation Born Global – Norway
2 light sculptures “Spiral of light” and “Curtain of Dreams”
- Creation of light pieces for private homes in USA, Spain and England.

- Exhibition “Changing Weather” : a new Chinese Lightscape
10 Chancery Lane Gallery - Hong Kong China (May 2007)
Light installation with light sculptures, video and digital art
- Co-curator for “project 5”, international group exhibition – Theme the 5 Chinese elements and environmental issues.
Held during 2008 games in Art Channel gallery - Beijing China
- Project of Installation “Time Factory” for Lobby langham Place - Hong Kong
- Creation for Pacific Restaurant Lounge - Monaco
Fibre optic chandelier
- Creation of decorative light pieces for private homes.

Travel to China
- Design of collection of “healing” jewellery in Bangkok - Thailand
- Exhibition “Changing Weather” : a new Chinese Lightscape (first version)
Light sculptures and light installation
- Creation of performance “Chinese Time Factory” - Atzaro art lounge - Ibiza
- Creation of gem and fibre optic lights for shop “Madame des Vosges” Paris
- Design of collection of jewellery for shop “Madame des Vosges” - Paris
- Creation of light pieces for private residence - London
- Creation of several “Crystal Curtains” for private residences - London

Works focus on the process of transformation using light as a transformative medium
- Curator for program of “4 exhibitions – 4 artists – 4 mediums”
Atzaro Art Lounge - Ibiza
- Exhibition “Lightscapes” - Light objects and light sculptures.
- Creation of installation “Ice Cube”, an aura rebalancing experience with colour and sound waves. Atzaro Art lounge - Ibiza
- Creation for Beauty Salon NEUS - Spain
“The body and the elements”, a series of photographic light boxes

Travel to China
- First creation of fibre optic chandeliers and fibre optic webs
compositions with quartz beads mounted on the fiber and lit
from inside.
- Exhibition “Entering the photon band” in club El Ayoun Ibiza
A series of light sculptures including fibre optic, quartz crystal,
webs, Plexiglas and photographic collages.
- Creation for Restaurant ”Iniga” - London
Fibre optic chandelier and large quartz and mirror light installation
- Creation for Bar “Café del mas” - Paris.
“Jewel” and “mirror” wall lights

- Developing design of ''Mirror'' lights and ''Jewel'' lights
- Developing design of “Crystal webs” chandeliers and light
- Creation for winery ''Mas de Valoussière'' - France.
''Grape Chandelier'', large modern chandelier, centrepiece
of mirrors and quartz.
- Studio ''Happening'' on the theme of water and light.
Installation of kinetic mirror installation with video projections
creating moving' 'layers'' of fragmented reflections and diffractions

- Creation for Club ''Nirvana Lounge'' - Paris
A project from Claude Chales and French interior designer Jonathan Amar, 6 meter long modern chandelier, theme of the piece : "Crossing through the light spectrum", materials included gem stones, quartz crystal and mirrors.
- Creation for private residence- England
Set of 3 “Crystal Curtains”, and kinetic mirror installation for indoor swimming pool room.

Work develops around the theme of light, including experimenting with reflection, diffraction, and transparency.
- Creation of “light reflectors” series, kinetic compositions of
gold copper and silver mirrors with quartz crystal.
- Creation of “light sculptures”, lattice of quartz and semi precious
beads on wire webs.
- Creation for international interior designer Kelly Hoppen - London
Large ''Crystal Door''(2 x 3 m) for residence in St. Tropez - France.
- Studio ‘‘happening''
Kinetic mobiles, light reflectors, projections, performance, around the concept of passing through the crystal door and the transformations that may occur...

1998 - 2000
The gems become a medium.
- Creation of kinetic mobiles using crystals, gems, mirrors, beads,
feathers, shells, Tibetan bells...
- Creation of first ”Crystal Curtain” made of quartz and gem stones for private residence - Spain.

1995 – 1997
Several travels to India
- I buy 20 Kg of semi precious stones beads in Jaipur India and start working with gem stones
- Design of Jewellery and accessory collections experimenting with intimate and energetic relationships between skins and natural coloured stones. Selling in Paris, London and New York
-Continuing with mix media painting and collages.

1993 - 1994
Paper collages series.
- Exhibition in ''Galerie de Hesdin'' - Paris
- Exhibition ''Galerie Es Moli'' - Ibiza.

- One year Residency Scholarship for painting and sculpture in Bombay India, Program of International Cultural Exchanges from French Foreign Office
- Exhibition at the National Center for Performing Arts – Bombay India, Paintings ''Ragas and Razas, Colours and Emotions from the walls of Bombay''

1987 – 1991
Stage manager and artistic coordinator in operas production
for Chatelet Theater Paris and Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy.
Including major stage productions of popular opera such as
Nabucco, Carmen, Faust, several musicals and classical concerts.

- Master's Degree in Art Management
Dauphine University Paris
- 1 year course in Ecole du Louvres (1985 - 1986)
History of Contemporary Art – Course of Bernard Blistène
- 3 years courses in Ecole des Beaux Arts Paris (1988 - 1991)
Drawing, Painting and Sculpture

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