July 21, 2009

Poetic Passings From A Plane Ride

Click on pictures to enlarge them to original size
To be read in a ‘relaxed’ 16-beat cadence… seriously

This week's Fresh Ziggy comes to you wholly and completely in rhyme
I mean I'm stuck in an airplane, I've got more than plenty of time
I always laugh when I hear 'folks it's time to get on to the plane'
Thinking George Carlin's
'why not in the damn thing?' (but much more profane)

Speaking of which, this clip shows this poor guy's guitar so mistreated,
Had it been me, the song’s lyrics would be half-bleeped or deleted
He reminds me of the
Brothers Wilson, Owen and, uh, Woodrow (?)
That's sarcastic as heck (their movies waste time or money to go)

The past days were eventful but quiet, sometimes up, sometimes down
A lot like my painting: 'Aah, I wanted orange but got greenish-brown!'
A little bit stressed, a little relaxed, time spent somewhat thrifty
Now that 40's farther away (I'm getting closer to 50!)

A time for reflection, words of wisdom to ponder or peruse
More time for my writing or those pounds, a stone or two we should lose
I think I'll get to it, maybe a jog 'round the track or our block
Take it easy, a voice says, don't send your gut too quick into shock

Big news 'round here: on the 18th we hosted some bike tour in France
30 seconds of speed trials flying by with some guy they call Lance
But we really can't complain what with the new sidewalks (they spend loads!)
Let's have it next year, maybe we'll get more for our 2 little roads!

But lately what's bothering me above all the more and the most
Is it seems Earth - at least to the Moon - is not a very good host
You see the Moon is moving away, not fast but stop and just think
3-point-8 centimeters per year, ‘way to some orbital brink

So the past days I have studied our circling satellite, uh, thing
Formed from a rogue orb hitting Earth (
told you!), first giving a space-ring
Later it grouped, forming rock foreboding, lifeless, distant and cold

It was even ten times closer than today (or so I've been told)

Here we are at a time where it's positioned just perfectly right
Perhaps more than chance we're here, crawling from tides at suitable height
And think how perfectly it fits during an eclipse of the sun
In millions of years such events will not be nearly so fun!

The whole thing freaks me out, so then I've googled diagrams galore
Perhaps though I'm ranting, I can be so often such a real bore
But if the moon is as big as the U.S., an estimate crude
Why show it as an East German, ball-throwing Olympian dude?

In other news I have to say thanks to my friend, Editor Man
Who just ran two Ziggy's at
site X (oh yeah, sign up, be a fan!)
By the way, our plane trip did finally end - but wait, there is more
We saw J. Vallee's
'spray can' poster on front of many a store!

And while we're shouting out to folks we respect and find all the rage
Thanks to
JV and J. Breton for putting us on their own page
I include here links of
V, B, for each at xymara-dot-com
I just feel so giddy and hip, gotta add 'oh man, dey da' bomb!'

Other than that, I finally broke down and signed up for FACEBOOK
Not tried it yet? Hint: ask someone you know, and first take a quick look
But I've signed up, always a late user (but I found a few friends)
Though most searches landed nowhere (or in prisons), lot's of dead ends

Well, time to end my self-serving mag out plus-minus bi-weekly
Just as expected: no punch-line, suspense, and just a tad meekly

But join us for this week's interview, here's one heading to the top
Anna Bullus, she created this cool thing she calls GUMDROP!

There lot's more cool stuff coming out and just sitting there on our plate
Interviews pending that you'll find swell (oh darn I should have said great)
Might even write about adventures in stained and fused glass learning
A creativity rush that I've had, a long time my yearning!

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