June 6, 2009

Time To See Who Wears The Pants In This Blog!

Fresh Ziggy #2: Intro to new blog offers, June 06, 2009
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Buenos días damas y caballeros y el hombre que ellos llaman el pato muerto!

First and foremost, welcome to Drawing Day 2009. According to their web-site, Drawing Day is a world-wide drawing event encouraging everyone to drop everything they’re doing (which I guess includes also heart surgeons?) and draw for the sake of art. They hope to somehow create 1 million drawings on-line during this time. What the heck they’re going to do with them, well, I dunno.

But if you want to send one of yours to me, I’ll include them in this handy ‘newsletter’ and perhaps even give you credit as well. Seriously, just a doodle will do...


Secondly, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but quite frankly I just have to say

Yes, I am still suffering from the maniacal giddiness that comes with having a major publication get suckered into publishing a minor piece of work of mine. Just click here and feast your eyes on illustration number 76 (it’s the one that does NOT look professional in any way shape or form... so it’s unique, too, which is nice!).

I did indeed on a lark (noting the lark wasn’t injured and could later fly away under his own power) submit my previous ‘Li’l Obama’ drawing – which as indicated in Fresh Ziggy Issue #1, is based on the ‘Hello Kitty’ (or Little Kitty or Miss Kitty or whatever the heck its called) series of brain-washing Japanese products. But they (the NYT) totally balked at using the old nom de plume (literally: the name of my feather) and instead used my – gasp – real name! Oh great, now I have to go into hiding again until I can ditch the Secret Service. Phooey...

But I am published now in the NY Times as an artiste no less. I’m thinking limousines, beautiful women, celebrities, etc. will all ... well, will all be the kinds of things I only see from a distance owing to quite a few outstanding restraining orders. Moving on then...


I also wanted to share a funny moment that happened in the Nixon family kitchen the other day. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of the work of micronaut extraordinaire Martin Oeggerli and really enjoyed reporting previously about his amazing works featuring carefully colored SEM photographs of seeds, insect eyes, killer viruses and even the tiny brains of anyone who follows Liverpool soccer...

But as fate would have it, I looked down and saw this apparently mirror image set against the May picture from Martin’s 2009 calendar (which all of you bought anyway, so I don’t have to oversell it). Seems my wife had bought the latest in cleaning wipers, namely a polyester microfiber wipey-thingie-glove. A cool moment (guess you had to be there at 6 a.m. prior to coffee like I was), even though as an ex-fibers guy I had to laugh, since way back in the day, everyone was convinced that PES micro-fiber was going to be THE next thing. Yes it was going to replace cotton, silk, sexy PVC-based clothing, you name it. And yet now, we use it to get the cobwebs out of the corners...


Speaking of folks who have had experience painting their own interpretations of microscopic images of cells and other teeny tiny things, thanks again for all your comments about the Ross Bleckner – sorry, the UN AMBASSADOR Ross Bleckner article from last time.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do, what Ross is doing is really inspiring and without joking, continues to move me in terms of the people he’s trying to reach and their need to help end or express what they feel with their daily suffering. It’s nice to see a good news story every now and then, and both the art and personal work of this gentleman is well worth your time.


And now yet another of our patented strange transitions here at ZN HQ: speaking of situations where the UN is called in to keep the peace and protect the innocent, many of you have ‘enjoyed’ a round of golf or two in your lives – as I did in a life a long time ago in a galaxy devoid of wives and children. I put ‘enjoyed’ in quotations because I am always reminded of my college roommate who absolutely ADORED golf – even spending his tuition money one semester to work on his game – but who yet continually cursed every shot, threw his clubs in the water and usually barely played past the 5th hole because he was doing in his own mind so poorly. Me, I just went to drink beer and hang out away from my graduate studies professor.

But this month friends, we have not only a treat dealing with golf, but an interview with THE pre-eminent golf pants designer the world over (I kid you not). It is indeed my pleasure to introduce the graphic stylings and rock-n-roll musings of:

Design Neither Tasteless Nor For Turkeys
An interview with graphic and golf accessory designer Scott ‘Woody’ Woodworth

Now granted some of you might need a sea-sickness pill when you start perusing the selection of fashions from Woody’s entrepreneurial venture, Loudmouth Golf. But do have a bit of fun with all this, because a lot of fun is what these guys are all about. And if you’re like me (admit it, you are), you’ll marvel at how many fun turns and twists on which life has taken this really nice fellow.


And now as we usually do when we say, ‘And now in conclusion...’, we come to this week’s changing blog header description: although probably a bit more ‘picked at’ than I think I should have done, I’ve been wanting for some weeks to do a few robot drawings and test them out. In the interest then of Drawing Day 2009, I do include here a few scanned sketches, noting one of them I thought looked like, well, a ‘thingie’ (you know, a guy’s, you know, THINGIE... c’mon folks, work with me here!) even though my wife said it was the coolest one.

Still I couldn’t bring myself to use that one, so I went with the fellow you see here and ultimately had a blast mixing and matching different metallic textures to fill him out.

On top of that, I wanted to also somehow incorporate ‘metro’ maps (London Underground, Paris Metro, Tokyo whatever it is called, etc.) in a drawing. And as I always imagine that these great labyrinths under so many cool cities are somehow run by primarily benevolent yet all-seeing robotic beings, I thought it’d be cool to combine the two somehow. And thar’ ya go!


Okay folks, that’ll do it for these week’s fresh edition of ‘Fresh Ziggy’! Keep those cards and letters coming!

Besties (vs. beasties, which our kids have WELL covered, trust me...)

'Mind The Gap' by Ziggy Nixon, 2009

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